Like most VW dealerships, Strong Volkswagen in Salt Lake City, UT follows a 30K/60K/90K maintenance schedule in terms of major service milestones. However, there are plenty of smaller inspections, repairs, and replacements that happen more frequently, and which are vital to the performance, safety, and longevity of your VW automobile.


Why is Maintenance Important?

When you buy a new Volkswagen Passat or a new VW Beetle near Salt Lake City, UT , you take ownership of a sophisticated machine with numerous parts and systems working in unison. In order for these components to deliver the exceptional driving experience that Volkswagen of America is known for, regular maintenance is needed to ensure their performance and longevity. Oil changes, filter replacements, tire rotations, and alignment checks are some examples of simple maintenance that goes a long way.


Maintenance Checklist


Though the timing of certain services may vary by model and age, the following maintenance checklist is rough approximation according to our VW service center at 1070 South Main Street in Salt Lake City, UT.


On a monthly basis, we:

- Confirm “engine light” status

- Top off windshield wiper fluid

- Check exterior/interior lights

- Inspect your tires’ condition and pressurize accordingly


Every three months, our Volkswagen service center serving West Valley City, UT recommends:

- Replacing engine oil and filter

- Checking the engine air filter

- Inspecting hoses and belts

- Topping off automatic transmission fluid and power steering fluid


Every six months, we suggest:

- Lubricating the chassis

- Inspecting/replacing wiper blades

- Polishing the interior/exterior as appropriate


Every 12 months, we recommend:

- Inspect steering and suspension

- Flushing and replacing the coolant

- Checking the brakes

- Replacing the cabin air filter



Schedule VW Maintenance Today

When it comes to keeping your VW car in pristine condition, there is no shortage of maintenance you can do. Our VW service center and VW parts dealer serving West Jordan, UT are up to the task, pairing their experience with the latest automotive tools and technology to optimize your vehicle’s lifespan. Contact our VW service center today!

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